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Choosing an accounting firm that will suit your business needs can be hard work. That’s why at BNR Business Accountants we let you know up front what it will be like working with our team.

We focus on the three main pain points that both our own experience and external research has shown most SME and Franchise businesses have:

There is nothing worse than waiting for a bill after having a job done. Especially when this job is done on an hourly rate, which if you think about it makes it more expensive the longer the job takes!

We will take the time to discuss your needs, scope out your requirements and give you a quote up front. We don’t like “unknowns” any more than you do. No more petty charges for 6 minute phone calls either.

How many times have you passed over your information and then waited for weeks or months with no feedback from your accountant? Or rang with an urgent issue and waited patiently by the phone, only to hear…nothing.

We feel your pain, and commit to time frames with your project, compliance accounts or tax needs. After year one with us, we will schedule your accounting work for the year ahead to give a new level of certainty.

Oh, and we will call or email you back with 24hrs max.

We pride ourselves in working with you as a part of your team. This means that helping you understand what’s happening financially is a vital part of your business. Through regular discussions in the form of monthly or quarterly board meetings, we will review and analyse your financial position in order to allow you to make educated and timely decisions for your business and help your business realise its full potential.

That’s part of the reason we don’t charge for short phone calls or simple email questions – it helps you , and that helps us to help you. It’s a win-win scenario.

Our awesome team of problem solvers love building valued relationships with business owners


Here at BNRBA we have had managed a geographically diverse workforce for many years and are very familiar with the trials and tribulations involved in this area. This gave us a very soft landing from an operational perspective with the current lockdown due to COVID-19 and allowed us to not skip a beat in providing continuous service to our clients.

As we are big advocates of workplace flexibility, we can help you with thoughts around achieving the same in your business. Whilst not all businesses are the same, or can operate as remotely as we do, there are benefits to be had in investigating this for your business.

Negotiating the myriad of choices when establishing or restructuring a business or project is a daunting process.

BNR Business Accountants can assist in the process by analysing your current business structure and recommending the best fit for your needs using a step by step process. All facets will be considered, from taxation and profit sharing to asset protection and succession planning.

How you treat your exit from the business can have far reaching implications and can lead inadvertently to issues such as Capital Gains tax liabilities, superannuation contribution breaches and family political dilemmas.

A consultation with BNR Business Accountants can help to address these issues before the event. Starting early is the secret to success when planning your future, and we will help you get out of the business what you have undoubtedly been putting in.

As one of the largest growth areas within superannuation in Australia, Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) provide flexibility to control your own destiny, making your own investment decisions such as acquiring the freehold of your business premises.

Our team, working closely with your Financial Planner, can assist in establishing your own SMSF, advice and assistance managing the annual compliance returns for the ATO, contributions levels, pensions and audit obligations. 

Many businesses have fallen even though they made great paper profits simply because the cash dried up due to slow debtors, high stock levels or other cash drains. With the current COVID-19 issues and pressures on business this is becoming even more prevalent.

We can offer a regular cash flow health check for your business, where due consideration is given to all elements of the cash flow cycle. Not only does this allow the business to maintain a degree of comfort in regard to cash in the business, but more often than not reveals areas where the business can recover substantial savings.

BNR Business Accountants provides a range of corporate secretarial services to facilitate compliance with The Corporations Act 2001. By keeping track of all legislative and regulatory developments, we ensure changes in compliance obligations are adhered to.

Our services cover a range of administrative and compliance tasks including Company Incorporation, the establishment of Trusts, Business name registrations and various other corporate secretarial requirements.

Business taxation can be a complex and often daunting area of accounting. We assist your business in navigating the extensive federal and state tax obligations. As part of our commitment to you, we will reduce uncertainty in this area, leaving you to operate on your

BNR Business Accountants will help you understand and prepare for your numerous tax obligations in advance. Our team works hard at staying abreast of the constant changes in tax and can assist you in ensuring that you are structured correctly to maximise your outcome

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